Biological Waste Processing Plant

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The '''Biological Waste Processing Plant''' is a Black Mesa Research Facility area covering the ''Half-Life'' chapter ''Residue Processing''. 

FileHL BMRF ResidueProcessing.jpg|Hazardous waste tanks inside the plant.|left|thumb|200px

*The area disposes of and process Black Mesa's wastes (both organic and hazardous materials) through large tanks and an endless conveyor belt network. The area is mostly populated with Standard Headcrab|Headcrabs, Barnacles, and a few Bullsquids. It is connected to the Advanced Biological Research Lab's ground floor and is apparently located not far from Sector E Materials Transport.

*It is first mentioned by Black Mesa Announcement System in Sector D in a message asking for an "emergency clean-up team." This probably refers to a chemical or toxic spill, though the plant seems to be in proper working order when visited in-game.

*Upon reaching the area during the ''Half-Life'' chapter ''Residue Processing'', Gordon Freeman escapes certain death from a garbage compactor located near the processing plant, and reaches it from the outside. He then must work his way through a network of waste processing machines in order to progress further towards the Lambda Complex.

==Behind the scenes==
The name of that area is given in one of the numerous Black Mesa Announcement System announcements not heard in-game, and found in the file "sentences.txt" located in the ''Half-Life'' sound folder. There the name is found near the map name prefix "C2A4", which concerns its maps and that of the Advanced Biological Research Lab, whose name is also given there.


FileHalf08.jpg|Early screenshot of the conveyor belt area.
FileHoundeye backleg.jpg|Houndeye standing on its back leg in the first map of the plant in an early ''Half-Life'' build.
FileResidue Processing first.jpg|The plant as first seen by Gordon Freeman after escaping the garbage compactor.
FileResidue Processing first beta.jpg|The same spot in early versions of the game.

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