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| image=FileAutogun Idle.jpg|250px
| name=Autogun
| affiliation=Combine
| manufacturer=Combine
| model=
| type=Pulse turret
| damage=Very high, almost instant kill
| magazine=Infinite
| maxammo=
| fire=
| ammotype=
| operation=
| rate of fire=similar to Overwatch Sniper for each gun 
| accuracy=100% (unless target is hidden)
| range=
| usedby=Combine
| counterpart=Overwatch Sniper Rifle
| counterwep=
| entity=N/A
{{Quote|You hear that Autogun going off out there? We normally run supplies out to the White Forest base, but a few days ago the Combine cut off access.|Rebel|Half-Life 2 Episode 2}}

The '''Autogun''' is a stationary Combine pulse turret seen only in the ''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' chapter ''Under the Radar'' in The Junk Yard .


The Autogun is used to stem the flow of Zombies pouring out of City 17 as well as block Resistance supply runs to White Forest. It has three blue search beams that behave like Overwatch Snipers (including their obsession with killing birds), but fires a much more powerful weapon which could drain the player's full health in only a couple of hits. It can only be defeated by sneaking around behind it and dropping a MK3A2 Grenade|grenade into its control systems.

The black box attached to the back of the Autogun sucks large amounts of air into the weapon when the panel is opened, which could indicate that the weapon is WikipediaPlasma rifle|Plasma-based. This would explain why the zombies hit by the beam also catch fire as well as breaking in half. It  could be also  using dark energy as many of Combine's  weapons.

The gun is much faster than a sniper, and hits even harder. The only way to survive is to crawl through a trench between the wrecked cars in front of it and climb up the side of the house. The house itself is heavily protected, as the player can see three soldiers patrolling outside the building, and some other guards in the cabin.

After destroying the Autogun in ''Episode Two'' for the first time, the player will earn an achievement.

* The Autogun will not hold fire if a friendly unit is in the way of a target, and will kill unaware Combine Soldiers who wander into its field of fire.
* The Combine Autogun will not target Zombine|Combine Zombies, even if all other enemies have been killed. This may be due to an error in the Autogun's targeting system, be it on the Combine's programming or the game developers', which renders it unable to distinguish zombified Combine units from living ones. This may also be intentional, due to the fact that no Zombines show up near the Autogun without the use of console commands.

==Behind the scenes==

*According to the ''Episode Two'' commentary, the gun has three cannons instead of one so that the player cannot feel safe when the machine is aiming at a Zombie.

*In the ''Episode Two'' model folder "Combine_turrets" where some of the Autogun models are located, a model named "combine_cannon" can be found. A blocky device set on a tripod, it is probably an early, incomplete model.


FileCombine cannon 1.jpg|The possible early Autogun model. 
FileCombine cannon 2.jpg|Ditto, other side.
FileAutogun cannon.jpg|Autogun cannon model.
FileAutogun.jpg|The Autogun firing.
FileAutogun fire.jpg|The Autogun firing, closeup.
FileAutogun back.jpg|The back of the Autogun (right) with the black box (left). 
FileBlack box opened.jpg|The black box opened.
FileAutogun box explosion.jpg|The black box destroyed.
FileEp2 outland 09 fz half.jpg|Fast Zombie torso in the yard near the Autogun. 

==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' {{1st}}

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