Armor Vest and Helmet

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The '''Armor Vest and Helmet''' or Security vest, is a protective vest and helmet worn by the Security guards in Black Mesa.

FileBarneymodel.jpg|thumb|Security Guard with Armor vest and Helmet|left|150px
The Security vest is worn by all Security Guards in Black Mesa, the armor vest is capable or absorbing (and possibly even deflecting) low-caliber rounds, it also protect users from explosives and other type damages what would be usually fatally without one. 

The Helmet, like the Security vest, it also worn by all security guards in Black Mesa, The Helmet protect security guard from damage to the head, but only low-caliber rounds like MP5 and HECU SPAS-12|shotgun pellets, and their face are uncovered which is still vulnerable to bullets. The Helmet cannot protect the users damage from high-caliber round like .357 Magnum, Desert Eagle and Black Mesa Crossbow|Crossbow, which cause these bullets penetrate trough the Helmet, killing the guard.

The security vest and Helmet as well Glock 17 or Desert Eagle is very important equipment for all security guard, intrude Barney Calhoun. Otherwise the guard have no access to "hazard zone".

Unlike the HEV Suit and Powered Combat Vest, the battery cannot be used for increasing the armor point. Instead, picking up a fresh vest is required to increase the armor point. In ''Half-Life Blue Shift'', picking up the Helmet will gain 40 Armor point. Picking up Armor Vest will gain 60 Armor point.

==Behind the scenes==
*The Security Guard's Helmet in alpha version of Half-Life have MP (Military Police) on it helmet.
*The ''Opposing Force'' "Otis" security guards were originally to wear helmets, like the "Barney" version. While removed in the main game, it is still present in the multiplayer model.
*In Half-Life 2 Beta, a model of Helmet can be found, suggest that Barney Calhoun was to wear this Helmet.

*The Helmet in Half-Life|GoldSrc version of Half-Life will protect the guard from taking bullets and Crowbar damage. However, in Half-Life Source|Source version, the helmet won't protect the guard, and a headshot can kill the guard instantly (as provided the guard is not attacking the player when attempting to kill the guard with headshot, otherwise the guard can survive a first shot).
*Though the helmet will protect the guard from taking damage from low caliber round. However, if the player use cheats and shoot the guard's helmet for long enough time, it possible to kill the guard. Every 50 bullet of 9mm and 10 shotgun shell shot will cause the guard lose 1 health point.


Barney MP.jpg|First version of Security guard, with MP written on the Helmet.
MP barney.jpg|Ditto.
Bullsquid guard.jpg|Second version, begin eaten by Bullsquid.
Barney early.jpg|Third version, overlooking at a dead Zombie.
Barney1zu2.JPG|The version similar to the final version, with the same vest but different face textures.

====Opposing Force====

FileOtis helmet close.jpg|In-game helmet Otis.
FileOtis wrench.jpg|Ditto.
File1298.JPG|Helmet Otis running from Headcrabs. Of note is that in the retail version no security guard is present in that room and that the floor is covered of radioactive waste. The HUD was also changed from yellow to green.
FileOtis ctf.png|Multiplayer helmet Otis preview.

====Half-Life 2 Beta====

Barney helmet hl2 beta.jpg


Security.svg|"Security" logo as seen on the security guard's back.
Security hd.svg|Ditto, HD version.
Black Mesa logo barney.svg|Black Mesa logo as seen on the security guard's chest.
Barneymodel.jpg|Security guard with Armor vest and Helmet.
Barneymodel hd.jpg|Ditto, HD version.
Barney sansequipment.jpg|Security guard how it looks without vest and helmet and Glock 17.
Barneymodel decay.jpg|Ditto, Decay version.
Barneymulti blue.jpg|Multiplayer model of Security guard.
Zombie security guard.jpg|Zombie Guard with broken armor vest, note unknown how the headcrab can attach the guard while wearing helmet.
Otissimple.jpg|Otis with Armor Vest.
Otishelmet multiplayer.jpg|Multiplayer Otis with Helmet and Vest.
Otismoustache donut.jpg|Ditto, blue shift Otis with donut.
Otisblack.jpg|Ditto, African-American variant of Otis (cut).

==List of appearances==
*Half-Life Day One (Security Guard only) {{Nc}}
*Half-Life (Security Guard only)
*Opposing Force (Security Guard only)
*Blue Shift (Usable by player and Security Guard)
*Decay (Security Guard only)
*Half-Life 2 Beta (Files only) {{Nc}}

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