Aperture Science Vital Apparatus Vent

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* Chell
* Wheatley
* ATLAS and P-body (commonly for respawning)
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| designer = Scott Klintworth
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{{Quote|Weighted Storage Cube destroyed. Please proceed to the Aperture Science Vital Apparatus Vent for a replacement.|GLaDOS|Portal}}

The '''Aperture Science Vital Apparatus Vent''' is the final part of a Aperture Science Pipe Network|Pipe Network that distributes Weighted Storage Cubes, robot parts, and various other testing elements into the Testing Track|test chambers of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center|Enrichment Center.

== Overview ==
Located on ceilings, they are connected to the Aperture Science Pipe Network|Pipe Network which uses pneumatic air pressure to transport testing elements throughout the facility. The Vital Apparatus Vent is the delivery component and is often used by Chell or ATLAS and P-body. In Test Chamber 16 of ''Portal'', a damaged vent is randomly opening and closing, allowing a large pile of cubes to build up below it. It was probably intentionally sabotaged by Doug Rattmann, explaining the presence of a radio, a set of tools and a coffee mug, as well as a black hand-print on the wall.

The improved model of the Apparatus Vents in ''Portal 2'' has a white component surrounding above it. This component is similar to that of a Aperture Science Pneumatic Diversity Vent|Pneumatic Diversity Vent, and is most likely used to slow down the acceleration of objects to prevent breaking Apparatus Vents.

The Aperture Science Pneumatic Diversity Vent|Pneumatic Diversity Vent functions as the opposite of the Vital Apparatus Vents, instead transporting and accelerating products throughout the Enrichment Center. The Vital Apparatus Vent is also used to provide new copies of ATLAS and P-body from an unseen Reassembly Machine when they are destroyed.

A further variant is seen when Chell rides the Excursion Funnel towards Wheatley's lair, horizontally aligned with a grid over most of its mouth, accepting Aperture Science Bombs.

== Gallery ==

FileApparatus Vent.jpg|Vital Apparatus Vent as seen in ''Portal''.
FileTestchmb 04.jpg|Vital Apparatus Vent in Test Chamber 04.
FileTest chmb 04.jpg|Ditto.
FileTest Chamber 04 P2.jpg|Improved Vital Apparatus Vent in a ruined Test Chamber 04 in ''Portal 2'', taken from the same spot as in the previous image.
FileCube first.jpg|Introducing the Companion Cube through a Vital Apparatus Vent in Test Chamber 17.
FileOld Vital Apparatus Vent.jpg|1970's Vital Apparatus Vent.
FilePortal_1_vent.jpg|Portal Vital Apparatus Vent.

== List of appearances ==

* ''Portal'' {{1st}}
* ''Portal First Slice''
* ''Portal Still Alive'' {{Nc}}
* ''Portal 2''

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