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{{Quote|Did you know we originally used these cameras to capture moments of intense pain and agony in test subjects? If the subject survived the test, we let them purchase the pictures for $5. If the subject died, we gave the photo to their next of kin free of charge. The photos weren't as popular as we had hoped, so we repurposed the cameras.|GLaDOS|Portal}}

'''Security Cameras''' are used by GLaDOS throughout the test chambers in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center|Enrichment Center as a way of monitoring the test subjects.
In Portal 2, GLaDOS revealed that the cameras were originally used to capture moments of intense pain and agony in test subjects, and that these photos could be purchased for 5 dollars if the subject survived, but were given to the next subject for free if the previous one died. However, the cameras were repurposed when GLaDOS realized that the photos weren't popular enough.

*Placing a linked Teleportation|portal underneath a camera will cause it to be detached, followed by a warning (only in ''Portal'') from GLaDOS, in which she refers to the camera as a " vital testing apparatus."

*The cameras can rotate 360 degrees, and they follow the players' movements within Test Chambers.

*As well as its main video camera, the security camera appears to have a small device attached on the side, which possibly monitors infrared radiation from the body heat of living creatures.

*Not a single security camera is featured in any of the maintenance areas or observation rooms of Aperture Laboratories, and it is therefore unknown how, or even if, GLaDOS can monitor Chell's movements during her escape in ''Portal''. Her calls through the Aperture Science Speaker System|Speaker System do not strongly connote that she is able to monitor the escape. It is possible, however, the speakers also have microphones, so she can hear footsteps and use information of the microphone's location and loudness of the footsteps to determine where Chell is.

*As seen on ApertureScience.com, the image of the security camera feed is green, despite its lens being red.

*One of the unknown Aperture Science employees in ''Portal 2 Lab Rat'' states that the cameras, in fact, contain cameras inside them (although this statement may have been a paranoid delusion of Doug).

*(Portal 2) If they can, the cameras will stare at Chell through portals.

==Behind the scenes==
As seen in an early ''Portal'' screenshot, a security camera model from ''wccounterstrikeCounter-Strike Source|Counter-Strike Source'' was used during development as a placeholder to the final model.

*Several detached security cameras can be found in Rattmann Dens, along with the message "She's watching you."

*An Orange Box Achievement|''Orange Box'' Achievement, "Camera Shy," requires the player to detach all security cameras from the walls. This is only possible with security cameras attached on concrete walls (thus disregarding those fixed into metal) and not before the ASHPD has been acquired. There are 33 total.

*In ''Portal 2'', it is possible to see the old security camera model from ''Portal'' being used to scan and check the Aperture Science Sentry Turrets (to see whether the turrets are defective or not) in ''Chapter 5 The Escape''.

*Just like GLaDOS herself, the security cameras are reminiscent of WikipediaHAL 9000|HAL 9000, the murderous AI computer of ''Wikipedia2001 A Space Odyssey|2001 A Space Odyssey''.

*In Portal 2, test chamber 19, if placed in a certain area the camera's lens turn green. It is unknown what this means.

*In Portal, console spawned cameras do not look at the player, no matter what.

*In Portal, the camera's heat sensor is on the top, while in Portal 2, its on the bottom.


FilePortal camera.jpg|Security cameras as seen in ''Portal''.
FilePortal early.jpg|Early Relaxation Vault in Test Chamber 00, with placeholder ''Half-Life 2'' props, and a ''Counter-Strike Source'' placeholder security camera above the rounded door.
FilePortal early camera.png|''Counter-Strike Source'' security camera model.
FileOverlay scrawlings005a.png|Ratman graffiti seen in Ratman Dens and maintenance areas of the Aperture Laboratories, with the sentence "She's watching you" referring to GLaDOS watching Test Subjects through the security cameras.
FilePortal detach all cameras.png|"Camera Shy" icon.
FileApertureScience.com screen3.png|Test chamber 00's Relaxation Vault seen through a security camera, along with a hacker message, as seen on ApertureScience.com.
FilePortal_2_Security_Camera.png|Portal 2 security camera.

==List of appearances==
*ApertureScience.com {{1st}}
*''Portal First Slice''
*''Portal Still Alive'' {{Nc}}
*''Portal 2''
*''The Final Hours of Portal 2''


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