Aperture Science Pipe Network

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* Chell
* Wheatley
* ATLAS and P-body (for reassembling)
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The '''Aperture Science Pipe Network''' is a nexus of pipes and tubes delivering products into the Testing Tracks throughout the Aperture Science Enrichment Center|Enrichment Center in ''Portal'' and ''Portal 2''.

A vital part of the testing process, it delivers to its destinations the Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube|Weighted Storage Cubes, Aperture Science Sentry Turret|Sentry Turrets, robot components, and Aperture Science Edgeless Safety Cube|Edgeless Safety Cubes into Aperture Science Vital Apparatus Vent|Vital Apparatus Vents, after accelerating through Aperture Science Pneumatic Diversity Vent|Pneumatic Diversity Vents.

There are also variants of these tube networks that transport wikipediaNeurotoxin|neurotoxin and various Mobility Gels around the facility in ''Portal 2''.

== Overview ==
FilePortalpipes.jpg|thumb|260px|The pipe network as seen in ''Portal 2'', with a Pneumatic Diversity Vent checkpoint.

The tubes use WikipediaPneumatics|pneumatic pressure to carry various objects around, using a Aperture Science Pneumatic Diversity Vent|Pneumatic Diversity Vent component of a tube. They are an integral part of the Enrichment Center, connecting every Test Chamber and allowing for simple and automated distribution of Weighted Storage Cubes and other objects.

In ''Portal'', Chell boards a broken pipe during her escape, to be pushed by the air pressure for a long distance before landing in a Vital Apparatus Vent, which collapses under her weight.

The Pipe Network was bathed by a glowing orange light in ''Portal''. This may be from the numerous incinerators scattered around the facility, such as the Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incinerator|Emergency Intelligence Incinerator and amounts of Aperture Science Pneumatic Diversity Vent|Diversity Furnace.

== Trivia ==
* In the Developer Commentary for ''Portal 2'', it is revealed that the pipe network was designed in an Aperture Science mindset A ridiculously complex, inefficient, and expensive solution to a simple transportation problem. It is also revealed that Aperture Science has so many generic test chamber props, such as Storage Cubes and turrets, that they simply do not care about what is transported where.

== Gallery ==
=== ''Portal'' ===

FilePipe network inside.jpg|Inside a pipe network pipe as seen in ''Portal''.

=== ''Portal 2'' ===

FileGlados_wheatley_tubes.jpg|Wheatley rolling into the neurotoxin ventilation tubes.
FileP2_pipenetwork.png|Tubes seen in Portal 2 storyline Course|Calibration Course chapter in the co-operative campaign.

== List of appearances ==
*''Portal'' {{1st}}
*''Portal First Slice''
*''Portal Still Alive'' {{Nc}}
*''Portal 2''
*''The Final Hours of Portal 2''

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