Aperture Science Bomb

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| name=Aperture Science Bomb
| affiliation=Aperture Science
| type=Explosive Personality Construct
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| usedby=*Chell
| entity=ent_create prop_exploding_futbol
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'''Aperture Science Bombs''' (no official name is given) are spherical bombs created by Aperture Science. They are delivered via the Aperture Science Pneumatic Diversity Vent|Pneumatic Diversity Vents and explode on contact with surfaces. Despite the vast amount of research Aperture has placed into other areas of study, and the fact that they possess testing facilities designed for Military Androids, these bombs appear to be the ''only'' actual weaponry produced by Aperture Science aside from the guns mounted on the Aperture Science Sentry Turret. They only appear when Chell and GLaDOS are on their way to Wheatley's  Central chamber in Chapter 9, and these bombs are vital in defeating Wheatley during the boss battle at the end of ''Portal 2''.

==Behind the scenes==
The bomb's model name is "''personality_sphere_anger.mdl''," and its animation is called "''anger''." The model itself resembles a red personality core, suggesting it to be a recycled core model.


FileBomb and Conversion Gel.jpg|Aperture Science Bomb destroying a pipe.
FileBomb and Propulsion Gel.jpg|Ditto.
FilePortal 2 Boss Fight Bomb1.jpg|Ditto, during the battle with Wheatley.
FilePortal 2 Boss Fight Bomb 2.jpg|Wheatley getting knocked out by an Aperture Science Bomb. 

==List of appearances==
*''Portal 2'' {{1st}}

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