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'''Andrea Wicklund''' is an illustrator working at Valve since December 2006.http// Linkedin profile She currently lives in Seattle.http// Official website


Wicklund has a WikipediaBachelor of Fine Arts|BFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art of San Francisco, which she attended from 1999 to 2003.

She drew the main story of ''Portal 2 Lab Rat'', with Michael Avon Oeming for the flashbacks.

Her right hand was also used for the hand featured on the cover of ''wcleft4deadLeft 4 Dead|Left 4 Dead''.http// Rules of Thumb at the ''Left 4 Dead'' Blog

She makes art for other various companies, and has been showing her art in exhibitions since 2003.

==Complete gameography==

*''Portal'' (2007)
*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' (2007)
*''wcleft4deadLeft 4 Dead|Left 4 Dead'' (2008)
*''wcleft4deadLeft 4 Dead 2|Left 4 Dead 2'' (2009)
*''wcalienswarmAlien Swarm|Alien Swarm'' (2010)
*''Portal 2'' (2011)

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==External links==

*http// Official website