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*cycler (in ''Black Mesa Inbound'')
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The '''AH-64 Apache''' is a US military attack helicopter used by the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|HECU and the Black Ops during the Black Mesa Incident. It is armed with rockets and a 360 degree swiveling turret, making attempts to engage it without cover futile. Several Apaches were stationed at Black Mesa Research Facility|Black Mesa before the Resonance Cascade occurred, and more were brought in from nearby Santego Military Base, Arizona, after the event.

The Apache is first seen during the train ride in ''Half-Life'''s first chapter, ''Black Mesa Inbound'', idling on a helipad. The player first encounters it in a combat situation in the chapter ''Surface Tension'', in which one is providing close air support for some dug-in HECU troops guarding the Hydro-Electric Dam Freeman must cross. It pursues Freeman through Black Mesa desert|desert areas until it is defeated with the HECU RPG|RPG on a steep cliff preceding the Topside Motorpool.

===''Half-Life Blue Shift''===
The Apache can be seen flying above Area 8 Topside Dormitories at the very start of the game, over a FileBlack Mesa orange flag.svg|Black Mesa flag.

===''Half-Life Opposing Force''===
In ''Opposing Force'', a Black Ops Apache can be seen in the ruined Sector E Biodome Complex Storage Facility|Ordinance Storage Facility during the chapter ''"The Package"''. It is fighting Race X creatures and attacks the player when they are all defeated.

===''Half-Life Decay''===
In ''Decay'', several Apaches can be seen passing by through the lobby's roof in Sector C Test Labs Sector C section|Sector C during the fourth chapter, ''Half-Life Decay storyline''.

The Apache is a tough and effective foe. It is armored against small arms fire, meaning that, although it is possible to take one down with bullets, destroying the Apache with anything less than explosives or experimental weaponry is difficult. The RPG is by far the most effective weapon against the Apache, but it (or sufficient ammunition for it) may not always be available. In these cases the Tau Cannon can destroy it with only a couple of hits with a charged shot (only one in Easy mode). If both are unavailable, shooting the main rotor works, though it takes a long time and wastes ammo and health.

*The Apache is primarily used by the WikipediaUnited States Army|US Army. As the WikipediaUnited States Marine Corps|United States Marine Corps uses the WikipediaAH-1 SuperCobra|AH-1 SuperCobra as their attack helicopter, this suggests joint involvement between multiple military branches for the same operation.
*In ''Half-Life Source'', the Apache is vulnerable anywhere on its body.
*In the original Half-Life, during the Apache encounter in Surface Tension, if the player immediately runs for the ladder, the helicopter will fly into the cliff and explode.http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJr-cEc5jVo&lc=0pHHUWPeKdvHiCyhrgGijcN1kDFVLDrT3n7JPxHd-u8&feature=inbox
*The missile model seen in ''Half-Life'' does not represent the actual standard missile used by the AH-64 Apache, the WikipediaAGM-114 Hellfire|AGM-114 Hellfire.
*When spawned by the player it will turn around and around,(because of lack of waypoints to go from) shooting any hostiles (even the player) and goes up until the player has destroyed it.


FileSurface tension plan.jpg|Concept art of a cut large HECU camp, including an Apache above a Land Mine field on the bottom left, like in the final version.
FileChopper+Stukabats.jpg|Stukabats flying at the player in an Apache hangar.
FileDesert choppers2.jpg|Two Apaches in an early ''Half-Life'' screenshot.
FileDesert choppers.jpg|Ditto.
FileChopper desert 2.jpg|Ditto.
FileEarly cliffside chopper.jpg|The Apache in an early ''Half-Life'' screenshot.
FileApache cliffs.jpg|Ditto, with the Tau Cannon in the foreground.
FileSurface tension scripted.jpg|HECU soldiers attacking the player in an early ''Half-Life'' screenshot.
FileEarly Hydro-Electric Dam.jpg|The Apache in an early Sector G.
File2 Ospreys 1 Apache.jpg|Two V-22 Ospreys and AH-64 Apache in the Topside Motorpool.


FileHvr.jpg|Missile model with the original low-res texture.
FileHvr source texture.png|Missile model with the original hi-res texture.
FileRPG rocket fly.jpg|''Half-Life Source'' missile model.
FileApache start.jpg|The Apache as seen at the start of ''Half-Life'', with a Scientist and Security Guard.
FileC1A0 FLIPSIGN1.png|The same spot in an ad.
FileC2a5 flying missiles.jpg|Missiles fired by the Apache at the dam.
FileBlack ops apache fly.jpg|A Black Ops Apache firing at a Voltigore.
FileBlack ops apache voltigore.jpg|The same Black Ops Apache fighting a Voltigore.
FileApache above dorms.jpg|Apache above Area 8 Topside Dormitories in ''Blue Shift''.

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*''Half-Life Day One'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force''
*''Half-Life Blue Shift''
*''Half-Life Decay''
*''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''


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