Xbow Viper XH-IV

|name=Xbow Viper XH-IV
|image=Crossbow Tyrant.png
|manufacturer=Stasiuk Arms Inc.
|ammo=Ammunition_(DX3) Bolts
1x Weapon_mods_(DX3) Speed Upgrade|Reload Speed
}} The '''Xbow Viper XH-IV''' is a Deus Ex: The Fall weapons|weapon in ''Deus Ex: The Fall''. ==Background== Although it is only available as a prototype, the Xbow Viper XH-IV is an immensely powerful crossbow capable of taking down unarmored hostiles with a single body shot and is ideal for covert assassins. It comes standard with Guillaume Tell Golden Arrows, which are polycarbonate, carbide-tipped, fin-stabilized bolts capable of eliminating targets before they know they are in danger. ==Characteristics== ==Gallery== {{DXTF weapons}} Category:Weapons Category:Weapons in Deus Ex: The Fall