|name=Xbow Belltower XH-III
|image=Crossbow Belltower.png
|manufacturer=Stasiuk Arms Inc.
|ammo=Ammunition_(DX3) Bolts
1x Sound Sleeper Tranquilizer Dart System|Tranquilizer Dart
2x Weapon_mods_(DX3) Output
}} The '''Xbow BT XH-III''' is a Deus Ex: The Fall weapons|weapon in ''Deus Ex: The Fall''. ==Background== The Xbow BT XH-III is a light and foldable crossbow using a 4-pulley system and specially shaped bow segment, allowing for a near-silent shot in almost any condition. This weapon uses hand loaded Guillaume Tell Golden Arrows, which are polycarbonate, carbide-tipped, fin-stabilized bolts. Designed exclusively for Belltower operatives, it is lighter than previous models and features a modified string and loading mechanism for a faster reload speeds at a small cost in maximum damage. ==Characteristics== ==Gallery== {{DXTF weapons}} Category:Weapons Category:Weapons in Deus Ex: The Fall