World Trade Organization

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Supervise and liberalize international trade |Row 4 title = Headquarters |Row 4 info = Unknown |Row 5 title = Locations |Row 5 info = Cairo

Worldwide |Row 6 title = Notable members |Row 6 info = *Donna Morgan (Chief of Operations Worldwide) *Vera Maxwell (Executive Commander) *Lawson *Gibbs |Row 7 title = Related |Row 7 info = Illuminati}}{{Quote|Most prominent amongst the new establishments is the WTO. Primarily focused on the achievement of political and economic recovery in North America, Europe and Asia, the WTO works in tandem with local governments to establish urban growth and stability while laying the foundation for a new global information network. WTO-funded habitats — called “enclaves” or “arcologies” — positioned in most major cities allow the WTO to exert its influence and discretion over everything from international travel to local trade.|''Deus Ex: Invisible War'' description}} The '''World Trade Organization (WTO)''' was an international organization designed to supervise and liberalize international trade. ==Background== The WTO came into being on 1 January 1995, and was the successor to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which was created in 1947, and continued to operate for almost five decades as a ''de facto'' international organization. At some point in its history (possibly from its very foundation), the WTO came under the control of the Illuminati. After the Collapse, the WTO became a major global power and adopted a new principal policy further, rebuilding the world and thus also becomes a military organization. In addition to supervise and liberalize international trade, their other goal is to create a new peace, where everyone has access to goods that they need, and has a mutual interest in keeping commerce flowing. Works in tandem with local governments, the WTO provides technology to post-Collapse city-states and WTO troops for their rebuilt, only that agree to submit to a certain level of surveillance and live under WTO laws, thus incorporating the city (causing each time the anger of the Order Church, protesting against the spread of materialism and consumerism).{{Quote|The WTO provides technology to post-Collapse city-states that agree to submit to a certain level of surveillance and live under WTO laws.|Deus Ex: Invisible War}} WTO funded habitats - known as enclaves - positioned in most major cities allow the WTO to exert its influence over trade and international travel. However this creates a huge divide between the rich and the poor, with the rich residing in the cosy protection of the enclaves while many live like feudal peasants in the streets of the post-Collapse world. During this time, the WTO chairman was Prima Illuminatus Chad Dumier. In the "Age of Light" ending of ''Deus Ex: Invisible War'', it seems that the enclaves eventually merged together to create an ecumenopolis covering the entire planet. The WTO is presumably still in power in that outcome. ==WTO Gun Laws== ''"Marksmen and collectors should be aware of the WTO enclaves' gun laws. Carrying concealed weapons is permitted, however, some areas will require you to submit to weapons bytecode safety-locking for the duration of your visit. These codes freeze all weapons until the unlock signal is sent upon exit.''" - A datacube in a closed Trier store. ==Gallery==  Wto2 IW.jpg|WTO Trooper WTO Trooper.jpg ChadIW.jpg|Chad Dumier, WTO Chairman pl:WTO Category:Deus Ex: Invisible War organisations Category:Factions