Wing Hui

{{Character Infobox|image = File:Drwing-bustshot.png|220px
|name = Wing Hui
||national = Chinese
|gender = Male
|weapons = 
|hair = Black||voice = Albert Chung||eyes = Brown}}'''Wing Hui '''is a character who appears in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. He is a doctor in Hengsha|Hengsha's LIMB clinic. He is involved in the Talion A.D. sidequest.


During Jensen's second visit to Hengsha, he will find Dr. Wing in the clinic's lobby. After a brief conversation, Wing will ask Adam to locate a former Belltower Associates|Belltower operative, Michael Zelazny. After dealing with him and returning to Wing, Jensen will be rewarded with a Praxis kit if Zelazny and his team were killed or knocked unconscious, or if he is able to persuade Wing that letting them go was the best course of action.


*If the player doesn't convince Wing that letting Zelazny go was the best decision, or doesn't lie to him about it, the doctor will not reward the player with the Praxis kit.
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