We Hope For Better Things The Past and Future of Detroit

'''We Hope For Better Things: The Past and Future of Detroit''' is an ebook in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. It can be found in an apartment belonging to Brian Tindall.


Part Six - Where Now?

Ours has been described as a bleak city upset by tension between race, between rich and poor, between humans and augments; while it is true that Detroit never fully recovered from the loss of the motor vehicle industry and aftermath of the oil crash, can we really allow that to be the epitaph for our metropolis?

Amid the darkness there is a beacon of light - the forward-looking Sarif Industries have made our city their corporate headquarters after constructing a manufacturing facility here. SI's founder David Sarif hopes that Detroit can once more become a 'beacon city', a place where reconstruction can set the standard for other places across America - and each day we struggle against the harsh realities of life in our embattled urban wasteland reach this laudable goal.
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