Wayfinder Radar System

: "The Radar System augmentation is an enhancement of the Eye-Know Retinal Prothesis, providing a rudimentary 'radar' scope that displays the location of designated units, including enemy combatants, electronic devices, or other targets of interest. The augmentation consists of a cranial implant that contains the core processor, ranging and detection system, and a connective link to the user's visual cortex."

-Taken from ingame description

==Function== This augmentation is the in-game radar that tracks the location of enemies, cameras, turrets, and Points Of Interest (POIs). At its first level, it will track enemies, cameras, and such at 25m. Later on, the player can upgrade it to track at 50m. This augmentation works in concert with other augmentations, such as the Stealth Enhancer. The radar will display human threats as grey arrows, with the point indicating the direction they're facing. Light gray indicates enemy on the same level as the player. Dark grey arrows indicate enemies within range but on a level above or beneath the player's position. Radar displays surveillance camera rotation in real time - paying attention to it, player can time his movements accordingly, without the risk of turning a corner right into a camera's field of vision. ==Bugs== Contrary to what the in-game description says, a player equpped with only the first level of this aug DOES NOT need to establish a visual contact with a threat for it to show up on the radar. When player comes close enough, all threats will show up on the radar, even behind solid walls. This renders the acquirement of a second level upgrade for the aug somewhat pointless. Category:Cranial Augmentation Category:Deus Ex: Human Revolution augmentation Category:Deus Ex: The Fall augmentations

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