Warehouse District

The '''Warehouse District '''is an NSF-controlled part of Hell's Kitchen, New York City visited in Deus Ex. It is only seen on the player's first trip to Hell's Kitchen.

The warehouse district is located behind the Osgood and Sons Warehouse in Hell's Kitchen. It consists of three multiple-story apartment buildings leading to another NSF-controlled Osgood and Sons Warehouse. The rooftops are covered by NSF terrorists carrying Sniper Rifle (DX)|Sniper Rifles, and the alleys below are trapped with LAMs, Laser Tripwires and Turrets. Going over the buildings is less dangerous and gives the player several items, but the alleys allow a silent route into the Warehouse.
*First building - An array of chimneys give adequate cover to hide from the snipers. A Medkit can be found past a boarded closet inside.
*Second building - Has multiple terrorists on the roof. Cannot be entered, but supply crates on the roof can be broken for items.
*Third building - Houses a Bioelectric cell (DX)|Bioelectric cell, 10mm ammo and a Medkit. A window facing the 2nd building can be broken to get in, but a deep gap must be jumped to do so. If the player can climb onto the roof, a stained glass window can be broken to enter.
*Alleys - Starting from the ground floor of Osgood and Sons, some fences must be jumped before a fork in the road. Going right will lead to a turret and an arc of electricity, but it will also open out to the warehouse fairly quickly. After blowing up the wooden fence, the player can also go forward to a small sewer. This sewer can be exited to get to the warehouse perimeters, but if the player climbs on a narrow pipe and turns a valve instead, a tunnel will open which can be swam through to reach the warehouse basement quickly and quietly. Be warned that the tunnel is difficult to swim through without losing health unless the player has a high Swimming skill, aqualung or a rebreather.
*Osgood and Sons Warehouse - The second Osgood and Sons building visited, this one is much larger. It consists of several stories of walkways above a large EMP generator, a roof and an elaborate basement complex. The generator must be destroyed to complete the mission, at which point Jock will drop off Gunther Hermann who will kill any terrorist JC has not already killed or incapacitated.
Although the warehouse district is only visited once in the game, it is mentioned again later. Prior to the player's capture by MJ12, they are sent to the former NSF HQ, where they use a computer to redirect the satellites atop the warehouse.
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