The '''BE-E '''or '''VTOL''' ('''Vertical Take-Off and Landing''') is a vehicle in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution'' and ''Deus Ex: The Fall''. The aircraft's shape is similar to a bee's hence the name ''BEE''.

It's the aircraft used by Faridah Malik in 2027 to transport various VIPs, and Adam Jensen around the globe. Another VTOL was used by Alex Vega for various transport missions during her employment at Belltower Associates.  

*It seems to be loosely based on the Wikipedia:V-22 Osprey|V-22 Osprey.


DX3 Faridah Malik VTOL landing pad.jpg
DX3 Malik's VTOL.jpg|Faridah Malik with her VTOL
VTOL2.png|VTOL concept art

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