Uniting the World

'''Uniting the World''' is an ebook in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. It can be found in an apartment belonging to one Laura Vale.

==Uniting the World==
The Picus Story

Early in 1985, Dazzle Me Magazine, T-K Records and Roque Publishing came together under one banner to become a new multimedia company for a new age - the Picus Communications Group. Invigorated with new purpose and a forward-looking viewpoint, Picus exploded on to the global media scene and began a meteoric rise over the next decade, absorbing other smaller companies in film and television production, videogames, advertising, marketing and public relations, and the emergent field of internet service provision.

By 2010, the Picus Group shifted its corporate headquarters to Canada. A nation with stability, Picus invested heavily in the city of Montreal - a growing hub for virtual entertainment - in order to construct a large corporate campus in the center of the metropolis. From its new home, Picus has continued to spread, drawing in new technologies and talent to bolster its leadership of global media.
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