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'''UNATCO troopers''' are the main military force of UNATCO, which in turn is a puppet organization for Majestic-12.

UNATCO troops wear green combat uniforms with the symbol of the UNATCO in front of their helmets.

All UNATCO troopers have black sclera and white irises. It is most likely standard augmentation.

UNATCO troops can be found throughout the player's stay in New York City, but will only attack after the player sends the NSF's signal. At the start of the game, UNATCO troops will be UNATCO soldier.

Armed with 10mm Pistols, and will gradually switch to Assault Rifles. By the time JC sends the signal, they will only be armed with Assault Rifles. UNATCO troops wear green helmets, green vests and grey pants and shirts. If you listen to a conversation between two UNATCO troopers in the warehouse containing the uplink satellite, it is revealed that UNATCO troopers used to wear uniforms with small white helmets before Walton Simons had the uniform changed to the one present.

Later in the game, UNATCO troopers work in tandem with Majestic-12 troopers, with their cause and aim being the same.

Like most "troopers", they have 100 HP in all body locations and no damage resistances, meaning they can be easily knocked out, tranquilized or headshotted.


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