Tying Up Loose Ends

Chapter 4 - A Wolf Among Sheep
En route to recover the Typhoon, Jensen discovered a Purity First terrorist trying to steal it. But the so-called extremist was secretly augmented and killed himself to avoid interrogation. Hoping to find answers, Jensen confronted Zeke Sanders, the Purity First leader, who swore up and down he didn't know his man was enhanced. Jensen let Sanders escape, determined to focus on the Aug...

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Cloak & Daggers
Paging Adam Jensen |previous = Extraction |name = Tying Up Loose Ends |location = Sarif Industries |image=File:Sarif_HQ.jpg|240px }} M4 - '''Tying Up Loose Ends''' is a main mission in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. ==Primary Objectives== ===Give the Typhoon to Pritchard=== After returning from Milwaukee Junction to Sarif HQ, give the Typhoon to Pritchard in the Tech Lab on the second floor. ===Meet with Sarif in the Penthouse=== Next, see Sarif in his Penthouse office by taking the elevator, where he will brief you on your next mission. Head to the elevator and head back down. While in the elevator, the side quest Paging Adam Jensen will activate, asking you to visit your office. Also, make sure to access your workstation computer and to read your messages; the side quest One Good Turn Deserves Another will activate. ==Notes== *There are a lot doors to hack in Sarif HQ,  granting some XP and containing some credits, minor items, secondary objective notes and more importantly, two special eBooks. *You can also choose to hack your own PC. If completely hacked (either capturing all the data stores, or directly capturing the security node (much easier), you will receive a bonus of 500 XP. Category:Deus Ex: Human Revolution main missions Category:Walkthroughs