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The Turn Table is a part of Deus Ex: The Fall, which shows a number of characters and character types encountered during the course of the game. Initially, none of the models are visible except in outline form; as ID files are found, more models are progressively unlocked.

==List of available models and locations==

*Ben Saxon - in the security office in the train station, in Panama.
*Anna Kelso - on the table in the Costa Rica apartment, next to the Neuropozyne.
*Mikhail - in Moscow, in the Maintenance Floor, just after the robot behind a standalone server rack.
*Cobra - in a locked enclosure, to the left of the train station as you come out onto the Boardwalk in Panama.
*Panama Gangster - on a rooftop between two ladders in the Slums, in Panama.
*Alex Vega - in a locked office, downstairs in the Nightshades night club.
*Alvarez - in Alvarez's locked safe.
*Camila - in Camila's office in LIMB Panama.
*Riot Cop - in a telephone booth, near a group of locked garages in Downtown, close to the hotel.
*Federova - in a locked garage on the east side of downtown Panama, between the LIMB clinic and the hotel.
*Turret - in the drug den's garage, upstairs on a ledge overlooking the room next door to the turret
*Diego - switch the power off to the electrified floor in the drug lab. The ID is in a small concealed room, next to a Praxis kit: face away from the power switch, and the entry to the room is to the left.
*Sentry - in the XNG data centre security office, hidden behind some equipment on the east side.
*Box guard - on the roof of the hotel, next to the security computer.
*Barrett - in a ventilation shaft in the Belltower Base, between the security office opposite the elevator you enter from, and the westmost room on that level (you need to move a heavy crate to enter from that room.)
*Spec Ops - in the barracks in the Belltower Base, between two bunk beds near the security console.
*Namir - Bell Tower the area where you disable the tracker on Vega's ship, at the east area hidden between boxes near the east wall

*... and 8 others ...
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