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'''Tom Hall''' is an American video game developer and co-founder of both id Software and Ion Storm.

Before co-founding Ion Storm, he designed the well-known PC series '' Commander Keen''. He continued to assist id Software in the development of many flagship PC games including '' Wolfenstein 3d'', '' Spear of Destiny'' and '' Doom''. He was eventually fired from id Software by fellow co-founder John Carmack due to irreconcilable differences of opinion regarding the design of Doom. Tom intended for Doom to feature more adventure game elements, while the rest of the team envisioned Doom as the primarily action based game that it eventually became.

He is known for stressing the importance of game design in the development process and the immersion of the player in the game world, both themes which inspired the creation of Ion Storm and by proxy Deus Ex.

He voices several characters in the ''Deus Ex'' series, including Walton Simons, Howard Strong and Morpheus in ''Deus Ex'', and Stan Carnegie in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''.

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