Tiffany Savage

'''File:TSavage.jpg|thumb|220px'''{{Quote|College is a time when young people are expected to question what their parents taught them, but normally the questions aren't this big. Tiffany always thought she'd go to college for a few years, pick up an advanced degree or three or four (no big deal for her Gary Savage|father's daughter) and then go to work for Daddy in the exciting field of Nanite|nano-technology.
But then along came those darn questions. What exactly was "Majestic 12," the super-secret organization that funded her father's research? Those crazy letters from France — the ones written in the name of Silhouette by somebody calling himself the "Chad Dumier|Minister of True Lies" — what if even a little of what they were saying was true? She started to read some really crazy stuff, and then got really scared when it made more sense than the evening news.
She didn't know how her father would react to all this, but to her surprise he listened. Tiffany started working behind the scenes, trying to find out more about what was going on, and the more she found out the more scared she got... and the more determined that something had to be done.
|description of Tiffany Savage to JC Denton|the player|Deus Ex}}'''Tiffany Savage''' is the firebrand daughter of Gary Savage and a guerrilla for X-51. She is voiced by Ellen Loci.

Her father sends her to recover the remaining schematics to the Universal Constructor Containment Shield in the MJ12 Ocean Lab|MJ12 Sealab in Pasadena, United States of America|California, but was eventually captured and held hostage at an Abandoned Gas Station near the ruins of Los Angeles. Depending on the player's actions, JC can rescue Tiffany or allow her to be executed by MJ12. The Ocean Lab falls under X-51's control after JC Denton|JC obtains the remaining Universal Constructor schematics and eliminates all resistance inside.

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