Thomas Mann's will

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Last will and... who the hell am I kidding.

Ridley was a traitor. No idea who he was working for and I don't really care. He's dead now. He was one of the scientists. He set explosives, drowned half the lab. Killed most of the others by remote when the robots and turrets went crazy. A computer virus. Something. Kept babbling about Illuminati|illuminated ones right up until the end right before I put a bullet in his head. Better than he deserved.

One of those stupid turrets tagged me in the kidney and gut I can feel myself bleeding out... someone should know what happened. I know they'll come back. A debriefing team... is what they call them. But we'll all be dead by then. So screw you whoever finds this.

Last will and testa...

''Thomas Mann''
Category:Deus Ex books, magazines and newspapers