The True Way

'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a :Category:Deus Ex books, magazines and newspapers|book appearing in ''Deus Ex''. It is a treatise on creating the perfect sword.


'''The True Way'''
by Kishiro Yoshitaka
...If one is to imagine the "perfect sword" that can cut and swing with no resistance, a sword that is an extension of the mind and heart of the warrior who wields it and not a dead weight of steel, then it becomes clear that the sword is of little consequence compared to the will of the strategist. Those who would master the Way must come to understand this: a sword is a tool whose purpose is to cut. Each day the strategist must practice this until it is not practice, but a part of their spirit. The strategist knows that every sword they wield is perfect, for their will is perfect, and it is through their will alone that they win battles... Category:Deus Ex books, magazines and newspapers