The Belltower Way

'''The Belltower Way''' is an ebook in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. It can be found in office 34 in the Sarif Industries headquarters.

==The Belltower Way==
Corporate Background Brief

The Belltower Associates|Belltower Group provides a maximum spectrum private military/security solution for every need; the company was incorporated in 1997, beginning life as a security consultancy and close protection (bodyguard) agency.

Currently with offices in Afghanistan, Bahrain, China, Iraq, Kenya, India, and the United States, our headquarters in England is a hardened skyscraper with all the capabilities of a military base, situated in the London sink, an area of reclaimed land close to the river Thames. Other key facilities include a maritime base on the US Gulf coast and a training facility in Bangalore, India.

Belltower's services are tailored for international clients, including governments, international agencies, and the corporate sector. It is also a registered and active United Nations|UN contractor.

We provide specialist security and risk management solutions to counter extreme threats, along with exfiltration, K&R, threat neutrality operations and quick-react symphonic defenses.
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