That Old Adage

{{DX3ML achievement
 |name     = That Old Adage
 |summary  = Apparently, your CASIE augmentation doesn't work on Garvin Quinn|everyone...
 |points   = 20 
 |location = Exiting Rifleman Bank Station, at the very end of the DLC, the final talk with Garvin Quinn|Quinn.
 |image    = That_Old_Adage_achievement.jpg

'''That Old Adage''' is an The Missing Link walkthrough/trophy in ''The Missing Link|The Missing Link DLC'' for ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. It requires the use of the Social Enhancer cranium augmentation while talking to Garvin Quinn just before leaving the Rifleman Bank Station at the end of the DLC.

No matter what form of manipulation — Alpha, Beta or Omega — you try, they will all fail, but yield the same interesting new insight from Quinn, who is really trying to be honest with Adam Jensen, about his role in the matter.

== Notes ==
* If you are trying to go for the Factory Zero achievement, it will not be attainable in that play through, obviously, because you have to augment. But you can of course save the game just before this conversation, play the game to the end, then load to this point again, augment and talk to Quinn a second time.
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