Testament of Adept 34501

'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a :Category:Deus Ex books, magazines and newspapers|newspaper appearing in ''Deus Ex''. It is the journal of a Woman in Black overseeing MJ12 operations at the Payens Cathedral.

Testament of Adept 34501

My name has been taken from me, a thing I need not anymore, and I have been christened Adept 34501. They have set me to keep a record of this place, to record a history of its comings and goings so that MJ12|Those Who Rule might have the benefit of its knowledge...

... today saw the arrival of Agent Gunther Hermann|Hermann. He is a simple thing, fitted to a dark purpose by forces he cannot understand. In a way, I feel pity for him -- an emotion that I know will prevent my advancement beyond the Third Rank -- but it is pity I feel nonetheless. He has spent most of his time below in the technology archive, staring at the ancient cross above his head. He burns with a hatred that I can feel, for himself and for someone else. Periodically he will receive holographic communications from Walton Simons|Simons, after which his hatred burns all the brighter. I think it has burned away everything human in him, and only the metal holds him together anymore...

Adept 34501, Order of the Night Sky, Third Rank
Category:Deus Ex books, magazines and newspapers