Templar V68A power armor


The '''Templar V68A power armor''' is a model of power armor used by the Templar Paladin|Paladins of the Knights Templar in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''.

The final version was created in 2072 by the Knights Templar in Cairo. It was created to be an equal opposition against the nano-augmentations. The armor has much better defenses than the MJ-12 Obsidian power armor, and is highly resistant to ballistic and explosive ordinance, allowing an Armored Paladin to survive as much ballistics or explosive damage as a nano-augmented Tarsus Cadet. However, it does not shield against IEM attacks, and also has a weak spot in the back. It is powered by standard Energy cell (DX2)|bioelectric cells.

Templar V68A power armor equipment includes:

* Integrated rebreather, making them invulnerable to aerosol, Gas grenade (DX2)|gas weapons or toxicological attacks

* Heat shielding, gives a high resistance against Flamethrower (DX2)|fire attacks

* Improved ballistic shielding, provides high protection from small arms fire

* Self-destruct system, which activates once the wearer dies or falls unconscious

* Various scanning devices


Templar V68A power armorIW.jpg
TemplarV68APowerArmor2.png|Weak spot of the Templar V68A power armor
Dx2 concept 13.jpg|Templar V68A power armor early concept art


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