Tech goggles

File:Techgoggle.png|thumb {{Quote|Tech goggles are used by many special ops forces throughout the world under a number of different brand names, but they all provide some form of portable light amplification in a disposable package.|Deus Ex description}}'''Tech goggles''' are the modern form of night vision in the 2050s, and a wearable item in ''Deus Ex''. It provides the player with night vision as long as it lasts, which is fairly short, but unlike other wearable items, Tech goggles will not last longer by upgrading your Environmental Training skill. Goggles take up one space in the players inventory, and are fairly rare in the game. Much like the thermoptic camo and ballistic armor items, Tech goggles have the complimentary augs Light and Vision Enhancement. These augmentations provide more flexibility, take up less space, are more effective, and light is usable from the start of the game, severely hampering the goggles' effectiveness. They can still be useful is the player runs out of bioenergy, though the space they take up can be instead occupied by a much more useful item.


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