Tarsus recreation

When you get off the elevator continue down the hall way, you will talk to Leila Nassif|Dr. Leila Nassif again, but in person. you are interrupted by a guy saying that there is a code yellow, prompting Nassif to tell you to meet the other trainees. continue down the hall and you find Klara Sparks, and to your left Leo Jankowski. after you talk to both a explosion happens, and Nassif tells you to get your supply's from your locker, go down a floor and cross to the other side of the basketball court, and in the room with the lookers. The first 2 are unlocked, and in the second locker you will find 2 multitools, which can open the other lockers. (a ammo clip and energy cell or ammo cigarettes and a Spiderbot) after you get the gear from your locker the power gets cut and a seeker spawns by the stairs of the basketball court, which you can sneak by or help a SSC guard fight. continue back the way you came and you see Billie Adams lock the run and lock the door your suppose to use. She tells you to go to the labs to get biomodified, threw a breach in the apartments.
Category:Deus Ex: Invisible War main quests