Tarsus SOR Program Billie Adams


'''Personnel Profile: Billie Adams'''
'''Position''': SOR Resident, Stage 2, New Chicago Facility
'''Status''': Active In many ways, Billie Adams is both the most and the least successful of the Stage 2 SOR residents. On the one hand, she has absorbed her Stage 1 academic and physical training with an efficiency, and to a degree, that demonstrates her suitability for Stage 2. However, her behavioural adaptability is far less encouraging. Adams grew up in post-Collapse Old Chicago, and her early experiences on the streets left her cynical and hardened, with a particular mistrust for institutional authority. Her impulses have frequently led her into conflict, bordering on insubordination, with her instructors. However, she has been retained in the SOR program due to her high competency, as well as her '''REFERENCE OMITTED AT YOUR SECURITY CLASSIFICATION'''. Billie has shown an interest in subversive thought and organizations that must be carefully monitored. She has formed a quasi-familial affection for fellow Stage 2 resident AlexD, which can perhaps be used to moderate her more volatile traits. Category:Deus Ex: Invisible War books, magazines and newspapers