Tarsus Cairo

'''Tarsus Cairo''' is the local Tarsus Academy in Cairo, Egypt, located on the 108th level of the Arcology. Unlike the Tarsus academies elsewhere, which usually enroll adults with special-ops training, the academy in Cairo is designed with younger students in mind. Like all Tarsus Academies, it is secretly a front for ApostleCorp|ApostleCorp's experiments in biomodification; presumably, the focus on younger students came about because the organization intended see if its biomod architecture could be safely introduced into younger physiologies.
Originally created as a front for ApostleCorp's experiments in Cairo, the Academy drew many applicants from locals who sought to give their children the best chance of succeeding in the post-Collapse world. They were particularly attractive to parents from Old Cairo, who were desperate to get their children away from the nanite-swell that plagued the impoverished medina.

In 2072, the anti-biomod group known as the Knights Templar discovered the connection between Tarsus Cairo and Apostlecorp, and thus began slowly infiltrating the facility. It discovered that a number of local Standard Security Corporation|SSC officers were sympathetic to its cause, and thus arranged to have those troops assigned to the academy, and then moved one of its top agents, Silas Archer, into the position of Headmaster. Archer proceeded to observe the students, and identified three of them - Eeva Nassif, Jennifer McCallister, and Abana Khodair - as the most likely candidates for biomodification, and thus planned to kill all three. Eeva discovered Archer's plans, and convinced Jennifer to go into hiding with her until they could figure out a way to prevent the headmaster from carrying out his plans.

Eeva's disappearance coincided with the murder of her uncle, and a string of incidents at her family's greenhouse, and thus her father, Maskini Nassif, was alarmed when she went missing, and enlisted the aid of Tarsus graduate Alex Denton to find her. Using Maskini's parental credentials, Denton infiltrated the school and learned from the students that there was a room, accessible only through the vents, where students would go to hide out and smoke. It was there that he located Eeva and Jennifer, who told him about Archer and offered up the location of another secret room where Archer held his correspondence with his fellow Templars as proof that they were telling the truth.

Upon discovering all of Archer's notes and realizing the extent to which the Templars had permeated the school, Denton decided to step away from the school without confronting Archer, opting instead to inform the SSC Security Chief of his findings. Archer was subsequently removed from the school and arrested (though he was freed shortly afterwards when the Templars staged a takeover of the Arcology.)
==Known students and alumni==
*'''Dr. Leila Nassif''', former head of Tarsus Seattle and one of the head scientists for ApostleCorp
*'''Eeva Nassif''', cousin of Dr. Nassif and one of the highest-ranking students in her class. Targeted for assassination by the Templars.
*'''Jennifer McAllister''', a high-ranking student from the enclaves, and one of the Templars' targets. Later gives Alex information to help liberate the Order Mosque from the Templars.
*'''Abana Khodair''', student named as a likely candidate for biomodifcation, and thus a target of the Templars. Tells Alex that Eeva and Jennifer are hiding.
*'''Mina Ameer''', applicant from Old Cairo. Initially denied admittance due to interference from enclave kids, but finally accepted after Alex hacks the admissions computer.
*'''Jamila''', one of Eeva's classmates. Tells Alex that she believes that Eeva and Jennifer were admitted into a special program.
*'''Fatima''', one of Eeva's classmates
*'''Lynn''', an unhappy student from Old Cairo who has tried to escape from the Academy on several occasions
*'''Marina''', a student from whom Alex receives the password for the admissions computer
*'''Kayla''', a student who hacked into the school computers and discovered that Archer was holding secret meetings
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