Supply crate


'''Supply Crate''' is a shipping container for an item or items of value.

==''Deus Ex''==
In ''Deus Ex'', supply crates always hold one item, and must be broken to retrieve the item inside. Crates can be destroyed by any weapon (excluding the stun prod, Pepper Gun|pepper gun and fire extinguisher), and many players who do not otherwise use them will keep Low-Tech|melee weapons such as the Combat Knife or Dragon's Tooth Sword just for breaking crates.

There are 3 varieties of Supply crate:
*Combat, hold various kinds of Ammunition_(DX)|ammo (but no weapons).
*General, hold equippable, like Bioelectric cell (DX)|bioelectric cells and lockpicks.
*Medical, hold exclusively Medkits.


Combatcrate.jpg|Combat Supply Crate
Generalcrate.jpg|General Supply Crate
Medicalcrate.jpg|Medical Supply Crate

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