Stun prod

File:Stunprod IW.jpg|thumb|278px|Stun Prod{{Quote|Delivers a short-ranged electrical stun attack to a single organic target.|description of Stun Prod|Deus Ex: Invisible War}}The '''Stun Prod''' is a weapon in'' Deus Ex: Invisible War''. It is first obtainable in the game's starting map, the Seattle Tarsus Academy. It does not provide the power it did in the Deus Ex|first game, but now it can attack from a slight distance.
Unlike the Riot prod|DX equivalent, the stun prod does not work instantaneously. On use, it consumes universal ammo as long as the player continues to stun the target.

In most situations, the stun prod is completely eclipsed in usefulness by the Baton (DX2)|baton since both require the same approach for full effectiveness (silent, from behind) except the baton does not use ammo and can disable a target in a shorter amount of time. It also cannot be used on mechanical enemies, while the baton can.

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