Stephanie Maxwell

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'''Stephanie Maxwell''' is a former MJ12 scientist and member of X-51. During the attack on the X-51 Vandenberg facility, Maxwell was captured by an MJ12 trooper outside the security doors of the Control room. She was then ordered to place crates of explosives outside the door in an attempt to break open the door and capture Dr. Gary Savage. She refused and would have been shot if it were not for the arrival of JC Denton, who took out the trooper. Maxwell informs JC of the situation and gives JC the login and password to the X-51 defence system. Further prompting by the player reveals that she is pro NSF and proposed that the X-51 co-operate fully with the NSF. This would mean the NSF is basing a force at Vandenberg. She claims that X-51 being completely overrun by MJ12 is what they get for not having a militia.

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