Steamy Dinkins

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'''Steamy Dinkins''' is a character in Deus Ex: Invisible War.
==Interactions with the player character==

To interact with this NPC, the player will first have to trigger the secret fifth ending, in the endgame on Liberty Island inside UNATCO HQ. It is done in these few steps:

*Grab the UNATCO flag just past the torn down wall at the remains of the ID-check.

*Place it anywhere in the bathroom in Joseph Manderley|Manderley's office.

*Flush the toilet and the game will load a new level with the secret fifth ending.

Here are all of the characters dancing in Club Vox and quotations from the games developers can be read. On the second floor, Dinkins, an Omar Trader, can be found behind the bar. He speaks like a normal Omar.
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