Standard Security Corporation

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|Row 2 info = Vera Maxwell (Executive Commander)
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Worldwide |Row 6 title = Notable members |Row 6 info = - |Row 7 title = |Row 7 info = }}{{Quote|The Standard Security Corporation (SSC) provides security and law enforcement to cities and corporations worldwide. After a brief training course, SSC guards are ready for deployment anywhere, anytime.|Deus Ex: Invisible War description, 2072}} The '''Standard Security Corporation (SSC)''' is a private security company that was created after the Collapse. ==History== It was created by Vera Maxwell after 2052, on the advice of her mother Stephanie Maxwell, a member of X-51. The key factor was her mother's complaint about not having any militia during the attack of Majestic-12 on Vandenberg. They can be hired by anyone at anytime, no matter the person's record; this also applies to their hiring policies. SSC forces make up the backbone of police forces in many cities, and usually have their own offices that deal with issues that pre-Collapse police would deal with (such as reporting crimes). In many ways, the SSC fits with the Illuminati's plans to centralize everything, although it is unknown if this is a coincidence or not. The SCCs operation appears similar to that of private military companies in 2027. Some of their equipment, namely their helmets, resembles that of MJ12 troopers. The public view of SSC in 2072 seems to be negative, as the soldiers' training seem to be limited. ==SSC Troops== SSC Troops are usually armed with Pistol (DX2)|pistols and Shotgun (DX2)|shotguns, though SSC troops from Cairo will occasionally be equipped with SMGs. Like all humanoid enemies, SSC Troops are given a grenade (either a Concussion or EMP) and will throw it at the start of a battle. While effective against unarmored Knights Templar, they will be torn to shreds if they try to fight an Illuminati Elite Trooper or a Paladin. ==Notes== *The only time have you have to engage SSC troops is at Mako Ballistics. Other SSC troops will be friendly until you either attack either them or something they are protecting. ==Gallery== SSC cop IW.jpg|SSC Guard pl:SSC Category:Deus Ex: Invisible War organisations Category:Companies