Spy Drone

'''Spy Drone''' is one of the nano-augmentations in ''Deus Ex''.

File:Spy Drone.jpg|right{{Quote|Advanced nanofactories can assemble a spy drone on demand which can then be remotely controlled by the agent until released or destroyed, at which point a new drone will be assembled. Further upgrades equip the spy drone with better armour and a one-shot EMP attack.|Deus Ex description}}

It is the complement of Aggressive Defense System - the player must choose one or the other when installing the Augmentations (DX)|augment in the Cranial slot.

== Tiers ==
*'''TECH ONE''': The drone can take little damage and has a very light EMP attack.
*'''TECH TWO''': The drone can take minor damage and has a light EMP attack.
*'''TECH THREE''': The drone can take moderate damage and has a medium EMP attack.
*'''TECH FOUR''': The drone can take heavy damage and has a strong EMP attack.

Energy Rate: 150 units/minute

The spying value of the drone is debatable, but the EMP attack is not. At level 3 you can take out any bot with one attack from safe distance at the cost of nothing but bioenergy. Level 4 is an efficiency upgrade, it increases the speed of the drone thereby decreasing time-to-target and overall energy expenditure.

#In New York City - Majestic-12|MJ12 Base under UNATCO HQ. Can be found in the MJ12 laboratories. It's in a containment chamber in the room with two scientists and a Man in Black.
#*''"After inventory, we have moved one augmentation canister 12C (aggressive defense/spy drone) to the Nanotech Lab where it has been placed in a suspension crate, coded '''9905'''."''
#In the Hong Kong VersaLife facility. The augmentation canister can be found in the Versalife magnetic testing chamber in the level 1 laboratories.
#*''"Mark, We received that augmentation canister you were waiting on -- I had it put in suspension in the magnetic testing chamber, code '''5878'''. Let me know once you get results of the test. Thanks, Dr. Lundquist"'' -- Datacube on Versalife
#In Paris. The augmentation canister can be found in the basement of Chateau DuClare.
#*''"Dear Nicolette, if you examine my suspension vault you'll find an item that I had to pay quite dearly to acquire; the vault code is '''1784'''. I don't know what use it may be, but many people are quite prepared to kill for it. I originally obtained it for Morgan and if you find yourself in trouble, he may still be willing to bargain for it. He is a calculating man, not without compassion but still dangerous. Be careful, my daughter. Beth"'' -- Datacube on Chateau DuClare


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