Soy food

{{Quote|Fine print: 'Seasoned with nanoscale mechanochemical generators, this TSP (textured soy protein) not only tastes good but also self-heats when its package is opened.'|Deus Ex description}}'''Soy Food ''' is''' '''a low-fat, high-protein food made from processing the soy bean.''' '''In ''Deus Ex'', Soy Food is a consumable item, much like candy bars and liquor, though soy heals the player by 5 points, opposed to the usual 2, and has no adverse effects on the player.{{Quote|Soy! - The complete snack! Engineered to provide maximum nutrition -- not a single molecule wasted on added flavor or texture.|Deus Ex: Invisible War description}}


Soy Food Package.jpg|Soy Food Package

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