File:Americansoldier.jpg|thumbA '''Soldier''' is both a member of an armed force and a resident of the area they serve (In this case, specifically the USA|United States). Although Soldiers usually serve their government, Bob Page, through his various connections, has somehow managed to privately control dozens of US soldiers; most of these are stationed in the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard, though few actually know what is going on inside the Submarine Pen. Page prefers to use his own MJ12 Trooper|forces, as is seen under UNATCO HQ, Paris, and Area 51, but he likely positioned soldiers at the Shipyard to make the operation less conspicuous. A Marine, Vinny, can be found in Hell's Kitchen on the players third visit.
==See also==
Not to be confused with:
*UNATCO troopers, the armed forces of UNATCO|UNATCO.
*MJ12 Trooper|MJ12 troopers, the armed forces of Majestic 12|Majestic 12.
*Police (DX)|Riot cops, the armed police forces patrolling Hell's Kitchen after New York City falls under martial law.
*NSF terrorists, the armed members of the NSF|National Secessionist Forces.
*Chinese Military Police, the armed police patrolling Hong Kong|Hong Kong.
*WTO troopers and SSC guards in Deus Ex: Invisible War|2072.



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