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|national=US American
|hair=White and grey
|eyes=Glowing yellow - augmented
|augment=Mechanical augmentation
*Retinal Prosthesis
|appear=''Deus Ex''
|notable = Infamous arms dealer
|friends = *Ford Schick
*Paul Denton
*JC Denton
|voice=Khary Payton

The '''Smuggler''' is an infamous arms dealer who operates in New York City Hell's Kitchen in 2052.

An infamous weapons trafficker, the "Smuggler" (as he is known to his clientele) is a man often approached when in need of a low-cost and untraceable alternative to the legitimate but expensive biometrics and firearms industries. Smuggler is a highly intelligent, curious, and careful individual, being very fond of books and learning, as well as being described as "whacked-out paranoid" by United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition|UNATCO's Alex Jacobson. He is also an avid conspiracy theorist and a staunch supporter of the NSF|NSF's political ideals, although somewhat disillusioned by their actions. Having been pursued by law-enforcement officials for many years, Smuggler has become extremely paranoid and cautious, rarely leaving the safety and seclusion of his well fortified base-of-operations. So prudent is Smuggler that almost all of his business is conducted through fake avatars  and identities over the Internet, dealing only with his closest and most trusted customers face-to-face. When JC Denton, one of UNATCO's most prized and talented new operatives, decides to confront Smuggler in an attempt to procure information regarding local NSF operations, Smuggler is hardly pleased and initially uncooperative. However, JC, with the rescue of one of Smuggler's closest friends from the clutches of Majestic-12, and various other examples of decency and honesty, manages to earn The Smuggler's trust.

After the successful rescue of his friend Ford Schick, Smuggler offers to lower his stock's prices considerably to help accommodate JC's rather restricted budget, and further provides JC with additional information and evidence regarding the Majestic 12 conspiracy. However, after JC's defection, Smuggler becomes a prime target for UNATCO and Majestic 12 forces, due to his contact and interaction with the Denton brothers and the NSF in New York. JC's decisions further into the game eventually decide Smuggler's fate. He is either killed during a raid on his hideout, or will manage to escape the attack if tipped off by JC.


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