Smuggler's computer

'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a :Category:Deus Ex computers and terminals|computer appearing in ''Deus Ex''. It belongs to Smuggler, and is located in Smuggler's Den|his hideout.

===Inquiry ===
'''From:''' RosyCross//UnderNet.44567.22356

'''To:''' 328.2133.1230
'''Subject:''' Inquiry The Oracle says: We did as asked and checked with our sources, pulled up black project lists from deadspace Net ghosts, performed intrusion runs on Throne/6G systems, everything. Called in all markers. Best we can say after eight-variable cross check on all available info is your friend did some under-the-table work in youth: very deep, very wet. Few specifics, but we were to divine that it involved the chlorine assisted delivery of weaponized particles. We show 86.73% likelihood that this work is contributing factor to his disappearance. We can tell you this much as well—was not taken by any known national or international security organization. We cannot determine responsible party and this troubles us. We consider our debt repaid. No further communication between us will occur. The Oracle would like to know the last joke you heard. === Limites D'Affaire=== '''From:''' 555.6773.1212
'''To:''' 328.2133.1230
'''Subject:''' Limites D'Affaire Nous trouvons vos limites acceptables. Nous nous attendrons à ce que les éléments en question fournissent promptement - avec déclencher des mecanismes - a l'emplacement que nous avons discute. Nous avons cree un compte contenant la premiere moitie du paiement, compte le numero 312446, l'autorisation 1351. N'essayez pas et n'entrez pas en contact avec a nous l'adresse ci-dessus; elle ne fonctionnera pas. Si vous exigez de nous contacter vous pouvez utiliser les moyens que nous avons deja etablis. ====''"Translation from French"''==== We find your limits acceptable. We would expect that all elements in question promptly provide - with trigger mechanisms - at the location that we have discussed. We have created an account containing the first half of the payment, account number 312446, authorization 1351. Do not try and do not enter into contact with us at the address above, it will not work. If you require to contact us you can use means that we have already established. ===Need Passage=== '''From:''' Public Terminal 11A//NYNET.44567.22356
'''To:''' 328.2133.1230
'''Subject: Need Passage''' You met me once when doing business with Lebedev; I got the impression you were a professional then, so I'm going to try and handle this professionally now. I need passage out of this city—underneath the official radar—for me and two other people. We're prepared to keep our mouths shut, and we're prepared to pay. We don't care how, and we don't care where: Hong Kong, Lagos, Paris if you can, but anywhere that's outside of the country. I've hacked this terminal with an account that should be active for the next 24 hours; I'll check it periodically for your response. -Decker ===Re: Polio Vaccinations === '''From:''' LevelBeam//UnderNet.3329.4143
'''To:''' Citizen's Rights Mailing List
'''Subject:''' Re: Polio Vaccinations Jimmy Hoskins wrote: >why Crystal Palace is only the upper level of a much larger
>repository of data—complete genetic records of every human
>being on Earth gathered during the polio "vaccinations" and
>supplemented by periodic influenza "vaccinations" since then.
>In truth, the whole idea that Crystal Palace was HQ to NORAD
>was a brilliant deception, as a secret Soviet-American pact Come on, Jimmy—in her 2013 book "The Wheels Come Off," Ophelia Carter persuasively demonstrated that there could have been no "Soviet-American pact," as America had already sold-out to the Grays; far from being shams, the polio and influenza outbreaks of the later 20th century were merely test runs in a larger governmental biowarfare program that used its own populace as guinea pigs. Next time, get your facts straight. Shirow Yoshitaka
"When everything is permitted, nothing is free." ==Behind the scenes== *The developers seems not to have used a French translator during the creation of the emails of Smuggler's computer, since the email "Limites D'Affaire" is written in a bad French with some basic grammar mistakes that can be easily avoided. Category:Deus Ex computers and terminals