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==DTD - Brig==
Where is the 2nd possible DTD on F4 (I got the hallway with security panel) ?

I can only assume it is the two guy in the security room, but once the 2nd guy leaves on patrol he never comes close enough to the guy in the chair. If I position myself carefully and allow them go hostile a moment, but too short for them to shoot, then I can do the DTD. I assume this will prevent me from getting Ghost bonus for the second part of M1 (Find the CIC).

Also I have 4550 XP after finishing F3+F4 with 4 DTD and all devices hacked. I went straight to my gear/praxis kits and got the Ghost and Smooth bonuses first. User:Jeahra|Jeahra 13:10, October 29, 2011 (UTC)

Concerning DTD: Yes, it's these two guys talking in the security room. You can open the door then block it with crate, so first guy don't leave after they finish talking. Or, if he has left the room, you can pair him with the guard you first meet after climbing up the ladder from F3 to F4.

As for XP: I've followed the guidelines we set with santaranger Talk:Experience by area (DX3)|on original XP page: 1) Combat XP is calculated separately in the summary section 2) PART XP includes only non-combat bonuses. So, if you have 4550 XP and 4 DTD, you've earned 4550 - 4*125 = 4050 XP (non-combat) and since Part XP is 4100 XP that means you've missed 50 XP somewhere.

User:Gyronium|Gyronium 13:23, October 29, 2011 (UTC)

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*Also, keep in mind that failing a hack will count as an alarm. If you're locked out for 30 seconds, you failed the hack. The issue with this, is it means ANY hack, alarm panel in Picus, or personal computer in Sarif Industries. If you fail a hack, reload a save, or it will cost you Foxiest of the Hounds|Foxiest.
*If unhacked alarm panels are nearby, never use weapons that aren't silenced unless you have the means to quickly gun down '''everyone''' showing up on your radar, including civilians (who will possibly run off and alert distant enemies, or use the panels themselves). Non-lethal take-downs are the only 100% silent way to remove an enemy, and even silenced weapons generate enough noise to be heard at point-blank range.
*Reduce Wall-punches to a minimum, or at least be extremely cautious of your surroundings when attempting to do so, as destroying a wall this way generates a lot of noises that can and will attract attention, potentially setting off an alarm (if already in an alarmed state). Be aware that the sight of debris will also cause an enemy to investigate and initiate a search.
*Remember that the stun gun can temporarily disable cameras and other security devices without causing an alarm. This can be useful to give you extra time to move a body; or, if a camera sees you and you have no time to get into cover, and no energy for the cloak, for a last ditch attempt you can rush the camera and quickly "stun" it, giving you time to get away.
*Don't forget that you can "throw" bodies great distances if activated the Move/Throw Heavy Objects augmentation. It is possible to cloak and throw a body out of a camera's view, even upon becoming suspicious, before it sets off an alarm.
*It is wise to upgrade your capture software to enable you to shutdown turrets and bots; while getting their attention does not cause an alarm directly, the gunfire will get anyone's attention in the room. There is no reason not to hack and disable most alarm panels, however if you cannot do this safely, consider placing gas mines near them.
*Obviously, having an upgraded cloak can make cameras and bots trivial, but do not forget to move bodies quickly. The cloak allows you to move through security lasers freely. In lieu of this, you may drag a guard near the lasers and they will shutdown as long as the body is in proximity.
*Enemies who spot bodies will often set off alarms; in most cases however they will investigate the body first, giving you a chance to neutralize them or move into a strategic location.
*If you perform a take-down while cloaked, you will uncloak for the animation but since the game essentially pauses during this time, '''you''' will not be spotted by enemies or bots/cameras. As soon as the animation is over you are re-cloaked, and you will not be seen even if you are in direct line-of-sight. This can be useful for quickly dealing with an enemy that's about to trip an alarm.
*Gunfire can be used to draw enemies away from their positions while they investigate. If using this tactic, remember to always fire while you are out of any enemies line of sight, even if you're cloaked or else they'll see your gun shooting. Also note that they will inspect where the bullet ended up, not where it was shot from.

There is a bug present in both console versions and the recent PC build (v1.4.651.0) of the original game, including The Missing Link (, where (among other things) some Ghost and Smooth Operator bonuses may not be awarded to certain players when they complete an objective stealthily (see this video for an illustration). The details about causes and occurrences are not clear, but it seems that it has something to do with save game files of former playthroughs. If you're not getting a bonus you think you '''should''' get, you're most probably affected by the bug. It is '''strongly recommended''' to remove all save game information before starting a new playthrough. For PC users, the files are located at '''.../Steam/userdata/*UID*/28050/''' for the original game and at '''.../Steam/userdata/*UID*/201280/''' for The Missing Link. To make sure the data is permenantly removed, disable the Steam Cloud for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. For affected Console users, creating a new profile for each playthrough seems to be the way to go.

However, this bug should not affect your completion of the Foxiest of the Hounds achievement. It will make it more difficult to track, however, and require a more meticulous attention to your actions.
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