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|Row 1 info = Chad Dumier
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|Row 2 info = Chad Dumier
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|Row 3 info = Resistance movement against the French government
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|Row 4 info = Paris Catacombs
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|Row 5 info = Paris
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|Row 6 info = Nicolette DuClare (Financial support and strategic intelligence)
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|Row 7 info = Illuminati
}} The '''Silhouette''' is a French terrorist group. Key figures among them include Chad Dumier and Nicolette DuClare. ==History== It's the resistance movement against the French government, led by Chad Dumier (who is known to the public as "The Minister of True Lies"). They have discovered that the United Nations and the French government are deliberately restricting poor people from accessing Ambrosia (the vaccine for the Gray Death disease), and are under the control of a secret organization called Majestic-12 that wants absolute control over everything in the world. They are allied with the National Secessionist Forces|NSF (the resistance movement against the U.S.A. government), the Luminous Path Triad (a Triads|Triad group in Hong Kong), and X-51 (a group of former Area 51 scientists). They focus their efforts on subversion of media outlets to attract citizens to their cause. The philosophy and approach of Silhouette is similar to the real-life French Situationist International. By the game year (2052), Silhouette suffered a leak that led to the exposure of one source of their funding, the wealthy French heiress Beth DuClare. After a brief but torrid scandal, she was assassinated by Majestic 12. Also during that year, an attack on the Statue of Liberty was the most-cited reason for the establishment of a standing United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition|UNATCO force on American soil. Many throughout the world suspected Silhouette, which had several months before released statements on world cultural monuments, among them a claim that the Statue ought not have been given to America. However, it is discovered that UNATCO had perpetrated the bombings to reduce support for Silhouette and its allies. Through their leader's close relationship with Nicolette DuClare, Silhouette benefit from the financial, social and intelligence support of the French faction of the Illuminati. Dumier claims that he doubts the Illuminati would continue to assist Silhouette were MJ-12 not a threat, but the younger DuClare sympathizes more with Silhouette. The Illuminati find Silhouette to be useful allies in their struggle with MJ-12. Their motto is "Tandis qu'ils dorment, nous gagnerons victoire" (''While they sleep, we shall gain victory''). ==Know Your Enemy -- Silhouette== Famous for inserting 20th-century style commercials into the Net broadcast of the World Cup in 2050, Silhouette favors "feats of spectacle" over violence. "Printed circuits, part of this nutritious breakfast," the announcer told children in one of the World Cup commercials. "You ain't mech 'til you eat mech. A mech boy chews a memory chip. Boys who eat organics get stomped by their posthuman classmates. Mech boys in UNATCO helmets and metal boots take turns kicking another boy." Despite their numerous pranks, these intellectuals, artists, and labor organizers pose a serious threat. They are well-armed and have been linked to the murders of numerous European politicians and journalists. They will not hesitate to use lethal force. pl:Silhouette Category:Deus Ex organisations Category:Factions