Shotgun (DX2)

''For the weapon in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution'', see Shotgun (DX3)''
{{Quote|Weapon fires an anti-personnel blast in a wide pattern, ideal for fighting tight groups of multiple opponents. Alternate firing mode launches smoke grenade.|description of Shotgun|Deus Ex: Invisible War}}File:ShotgunIW.jpg|thumb|394px|Shotgun in Deus Ex: Invisible WarThe '''Shotgun''' is a double-barreled shotgun used in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''. Like every firearm in the game, it uses Universal Ammo. Shotguns appear to be used by many groups; SSC uses it as a standard weapon, "elite" thugs use it, and a few Knights Templar|Templar Paladins can be seen using it as well. It is also the standard weapon on CC-75 Security bot|Bulldog robots.

To help stun targets, the shotgun has a built-in smoke grenade launcher.

The shotgun works best at point-blank range. This may be easy to do against Pistol (DX2)|pistol-wielding enemies, it will be difficult to do this against enemies wielding stronger weapons without taking a significant amount of damage. In those cases, you should toss a smoke grenade at the target before you get close. Make sure the target is encased in the smoke before you get close, or they might recover from the smoke before you can safely fire. After you fire, make sure you get away as soon as possible; the long cooldown time between shots makes you very vulnerable.

With the level three speed enhancement, this weapon becomes extremely deadly. Because of how fast the biomod makes you, it is extremely easy to run up to a target point blank, fire, then retreat. If you're feeling daring, then you can circle strafe around your target while firing multiple shots.

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