Sheppard O'Neill

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|name = Sheppard O'Neill
||birth = 1977
|rank = Brigadier General
|image = File:General-oneill.png|220px
|national = Canadian
|gender = Male
|hair = Bald
|eyes = Brown|
|voice = Don Jordan}}

General '''Sheppard O'Neill''' is a character in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''.


He was present at the Sarif Industries labs at the night of attack by the Tyrants, checking the progress on Augmentations (DX3)|Typhoon Explosive System. Vasili Sevchenko, one of the scientists working on the project, provided him with a demonstration of a very early version of the augmentation, with which O'Neill was impressed.

==Behind the scenes==

*O'Neill is Canadian, as his uniform has the Canadian "Land Forces Command Badge" (white badge with 2 swords going through a Maple Leaf) and also has his Parachute Qualification "Jump Badge" Wings. His Epaulettes identify him as a Brigadier General.

*Later in the game, if the player hacks David Sarif|David Sarif's computer in his office, they can read an e-mail in which he and O'Neill discuss the concept of a "skull-gun", which in Sarif's opinion would never be viable as a mechanical augmentation. It's a reference of the nano augmentation "Skull gun" wanted by Gunther Hermann in ''Deus Ex'' and was to appear in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War'' usable by the nano-aug protagonist Alex Denton before it was cut for the final version of the game and only a datacube in the ruins of United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition Headquarters|UNATCO HQ talk about it.

*General O'Neill may be inspired by Stargate SG-1 character, Colonel Jack O'Neill. On the show, O'Neill often says "Thats O'Neill, with 2 Ls". His first name may also be a reference to John Shepard, the main character for Stargate: Atlantis. Both Stargate shows were also filmed in Canada.

*General Sheppard may also be inspired by General Sheppard, the Commander of the Global Defense Initiative in Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn video game.

*General Sheppard could also be inspired by the male Commander Shepard of the Mass Effect series by BioWare.{{DEFAULTSORT:ONeill, Sheppard}}


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