'''File:Shannon.png|thumb|178px|Shannon inside UNATCO HQ.Shannon''' is an administrator at UNATCO HQ|UNATCO Headquarters at Liberty Island.

==Interactions with the player character==

She steals weapons from the armory and, with cooperation of Kaplan, sells them on the streets. Their hiding place is beneath the floor in Alex Jacobson|Alex Jacobson's office. She reveals that to JC Denton when he's escaping from UNATCO and offers him 3 scramble grenades, 1250 credits each.

She can be first encountered in the woman's bathroom during the first visit to the headquarters, where she will complain to Joseph Manderley|Manderley, who will mention the situation during the first debriefing.

Shannon is finally caught shortly afterwards, thanks to Simons' involvement.


*''"How unprofessional. Expecting a show? Don't think I won't report this."''
*''"Okay! I admit it! I'm the one who's been stealing from the HQ! It was me all along. Kaplan, the false floor in Alex's office, everything that's missing... It was me!"''

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