{{Character Infobox
|image =File:Seurat2.png|230px
|name = Seurat
|gender = Male
|rank = Merchant
|affiliation = 
|appear = ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''
|national = American
|weapons = Shotgun (DX3)|Shotgun
|hair = Black
|eyes = Azure
|voice = Andreas Apergis
||friends = Greg Thorpe}}

'''Seurat''' is an Merchant (DX3)|arms dealer in Detroit in 2027.

A childhood friend of Greg Thorpe, Seurat operates from the Downtown Apartment complex located by the basketball court in Detroit, selling various types of weapons, ammunition, weapon upgrades, explosives and miscellaneous items.

An e-mail on Seurat's computer reveals him to be an agent of a secret society. Seurat wears a distinctive brooch on his chest, similar to Lu Pin Rong, Lin Fu Ren and Peng Xin Hao, implying that they are a connected order.

*If the player saved both Josie Thorpe and the hostages at the Milwaukee plant, Greg Thorpe will tell Adam Jensen to mention his name when dealing with Seurat. This will provide the player with a permanent discount on all of his items.
*Upon Jensen's return to Detroit from the Picus TV|Picus building, Seurat's inventory will be restocked with better items.
*Seurat has a level 4 safe in his office. Inside is a Pocket Secretary|pocket secretary that has the door and security codes for the storage locker opposite his apartment building. Inside the locker are some Ammunition (DX3) Rifle Ammo|sniper rifle ammo, a silenced sniper rifle (only if you bought the game with the bonus content), Ammunition (DX3) darts and 3 combat rifles. You can, quite humorously, sell the rifles back to Seurat for a profit.
*Seurat, as with most other vendors in the game, has an armed bodyguard to ideally prevent theft. Upon the player's first time arriving at this particular apartment, the bodyguard is standing in the hallway, and will walk into Seurat's room after a few moments. The player can easily go for a silent takedown on the bodyguard while he is still in the hallway, for a free Shotgun (DX3)|shotgun, which can then, amusingly, be sold to Seurat for a profit.
*If you close the door to the bedroom while you are inside, he may become alarmed and potentially hostile.
*The name 'Seurat' may be a play on the phrase 'sewer rat'. He may also be a reference to Seurat the painter. Greg Thorpe even says, "Seurat, like the painter."
*Seurat's building has no lower-floor entryway and can only be accessed via an adjacent fire escape.


Seurat_Location.jpg|Seurat's Location