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== Licensing ==
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{{: {{lc:{{SUBPAGENAME}}}} | {{{override|doc}}}
    : {{{doc-notice|show}}} | show
    | {{ombox
      | image = Exclamation mark-blue.png
      | info = This is a documentation subpage for '''{{{1|:{{SUBJECTSPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}}}}''' (see that page for the {{ #if: {{{text1|}}} | {{{text1}}} | {{ : {{SUBJECTSPACE}} | {{ns:User}} | {{lc:{{SUBJECTSPACE}}}} template | {{ #if: {{SUBJECTSPACE}} | {{lc:{{SUBJECTSPACE}}}} | article }}}}}} itself).
It contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the original {{ #if: {{{text2|}}} | {{{text2}}} | {{ #if: {{{text1|}}} | {{{text1}}} | {{ : {{SUBJECTSPACE}} | {{ns:User}} | {{lc:{{SUBJECTSPACE}}}} template page | {{ #if: {{SUBJECTSPACE}} |{{lc:{{SUBJECTSPACE}}}} page|article}}}}}}}}. }} }}{{DEFAULTSORT:{{{defaultsort|{{PAGENAME}}}}}}}{{ #if: {{{inhibit|}}} | | Category:{{ #if: {{SUBJECTSPACE}} | {{SUBJECTSPACE}} | Article }} documentation| }} | }} {{documentation}}

File:{{{image}}}|{{{image-size|30px}}}|link= {{{info}}}{{{image-right}}}
== Usage ==
{{documentation subpage}}
{{documentation subpage|main page to link to}}
=== Customization of text === To manually change the text of the template, the "text1=your text here" and/or "text2=your other text here" parameters can be specified. "text1=" changes the automatic text on the first line to your own word(s). "text2=" changes the automatic text on the second line to your own word(s). If "text1=" parameter is specified without the "text2=" parameter, both the first and second line of text will be custom based on the text given in the "text1=" parameter. Example usage:
{{documentation subpage|text1=custom first and second line text}}
{{documentation subpage|text2=custom second line text only}}
{{documentation subpage|text1=custom first line text|text2=custom second line text}}
== How it is displayed == This template should be placed at the top of "/doc" pages. It changes output depending on where it is viewed: * On a "/doc" page, it displays a box explaining template documentation and links to the template page. * On other pages (ie, pages transcluding the "/doc" page), the template will not show. The template page itself (which contains {*{Documentation}*} - without * symbol) will automatically note that the documentation is transcluded from a subpage. == Functions == In addition to the output message, the template categorizes pages to :Category:Template documentation, or similar (named after the subject space), but only for documentation pages in namespaces with the subpage feature. It defaults the m:Help:Categories order|sort key to the page name without namespace (ie, "Foo" on "Template:Foo", so it would be sorted in categories under 'F'). Category:Template documentation|

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